4K through 12th Grade Summer Reading Skills

Intensive instruction in helping students in communities across the country to build strong reading skills and develop a deep love of books and reading. The program is designed and implemented by the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading skills instruction.


Academic Writing and Research

Intensive instruction in academic writing and research. Basic principles of rhetoric and strategies for academic inquiry and argument. Instruction and practice in critical reading, including the use of print and electronic sources for academic research. Exploration across a range of academic domains for further writing development in college. 


Writing Theory and The Writing Process

In collaboration with Dr. Dana Gierdowski


Theory and research on the processes and contexts of written discourse; cognitive, socio-cultural, educational perspectives; reflective and research-based accounts of the writing process; analysis of discourse contexts and communities.

Teaching College Composition

In collaboration with Dr. Zachary Beare


Preparation for teaching college composition. Introduction to pedagogical principles and practices. Practice in setting course goals, designing writing assignments, developing instructional activities to support assignments, and evaluating student writing. 


Theory and Research In Composition

Supervised and mentored by Dr. Chris Anson

Research and scholarship in composition and the teaching of writing. Major theoretical perspectives [such as expressive, social, cognitive, feminist], current issues [such as audience, invention, revision, evaluation] and various research methods.


Embodied Rhetoric In Digital Media

Proposed for Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media


Study of the influence of emerging technologies on rhetorical theory and practice. Rhetorical analysis of texts, including visual and audio texts. Invention and construction of digital media texts as a means of engaging rhetorical theory and analysis. Topics vary to adapt to emerging technologies and changing vernacular practices

Digital Narratives and Transmedia Storytelling

Designed in fulfillment for Technologies and Pedagogies

in the Communicative Arts


Study of the ways in which texts and narratives can travel from the analog world to the digital one and back again. Analysis of televisual content and other media across interfaces. Invention and analysis of media forms as units of social exchange, charged with personal and collective meanings.