About Me

I'm an educator, a maker, and an avid reader. As a specialist in the field of Composition and Pedagogy with a specific focus in media, embodiment and affect, I love discussing and writing about the ways in which our craft is always mediated by who we are, what we write with, and how we're feeling. I'm currently in the dissertation stage of my PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at NC State University.

My work largely focuses on writing and composition, critical media studies, and fan studies. More specifically, I'm interested in materiality, emotions, and affect, asking how we creatively and critically engage with composition and craft using our bodies. I'm especially interested in how our corporeality and emotions are treated in mediated spaces, particularly the classroom. Over the years I've developed as a researcher and college instructor who works with qualitative data, ethnographic methods, and careful reflection to account for the material conditions and bodied experiences of writing and teaching writing. 

Beyond my work in the classroom, I enjoy crafting and making things. From crocheting and card making to sketching and baking, making something with my own hands lets me show care, creativity, and hospitality to those near to me. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with my two cats, Hawthorne and Poe. And while the work of their namesakes is wonderful and engaging, I'm currently reading YA novel, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. In sum, you can usually find me teaching, reading, or making something new.